Can Yoga Help You Gain Muscle?

People engage themselves in yoga for a number of reasons. It may be because they want to build strength or they wanted to lose weight. However, there are also people who have tried it out, with the goal of gaining some muscle.

It has been said that it is very much possible to gain muscle mass while losing weight at the same time. The reason for this is that, when overloaded, muscle fibers become damaged, and in the process of repairing itself, it becomes stronger; this process requires energy…this is where the fat comes into play: Fat is stored energy that hasn’t been used yet – so fat becomes burned up during the muscle-building process. Thus, you lose weight & build strength at the same time, when doing yoga. What makes it even greater is that yoga is low impact. This only means that as compared to weight training, it doesn’t stresses our joints much.

By simply doing yoga poses for a certain amount of time, we are engaging our muscles. Apart from that, it also plays an important role in toning our body’s muscles, both large and small muscle groups, as opposed to the other methods where a certain muscle group is isolated.

Yoga also serves as a great way to train our muscles, considering that different yoga poses works different muscles in our body. It also capable of increasing one’s muscular endurance, especially if a certain pose is held for a long time and has been repeated several times. This can also help improve the flexibility of the muscles, which reduces the risk of suffering from injuries or pain. It should be mentioned, people are still required to find the right yoga that could provide them a means of meeting their fitness goals, and NOT cause them pain. Moreover, yoga also offers other benefits, such as flexibility, emotional tranquility and psychological & spiritual alignment.