June 2015

Le Cercle Studio is now closed.

Please watch for dates/times/places
that Jayne will be teaching in Basalt.

Hello Le Cercle Family & Friends

Spring time - a time for change . . . . .

To all of you who have loved and nurtured and supported this wonderful little yoga school - It is with bittersweet sadness that I let you know that the time has come to close the doors for this sweet space.

I will let you know that I am SO THRILLED and SO GRATEFUL that we all got a chance to explore our practices here, to grow individually and collectively and to learn together - I absolutely acknowledge that Le Cercle is a place that you have all come to love as much as I do.

I also know how much you have all given to that place and to help keep it alive - thank you, thank you, thank you - your efforts are absolutely honored and recognized and are so so so appreciated!
Not for one second will I forget all you have given to help resurrect and to consistently show up - thank you!

So . . . moving forward - what does this mean?

Please join me and much of the Le Cercle Staff at the Shakti Shala in Aspen. We have up tp 40 classes weekly and many alive, vibrant and incredible events going on all the time. click here for details...

As with any change comes great opportunities ahead - I look forward to discovering what doors will open and cant wait to hear what opportunities lie ahead for all of us!

Please stay tuned for details as to any future Basalt class offerings.


With great respect and gratitude
Jayne & The Le Cercle Team